The CBD 5 Benefits

1. CBD – CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the key cannabinoids found in the cannabis or commercial hemp plant. Patented by the US government (US Patent 6,630,507), CBD has been shown through research to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-stress, anti-seizure, and many more properties. CBD works with our own internal endo-cannabinoid system to support overall health

2. Hydrozome Technology – a revolutionary technology which created a blend of nano-amplified CBD and other vitally important nano supplements encapsulated within micro-clusters of water molecules allows for rapid, consistent absorption of key nutrients in concert with the most advanced cellular hydration technology on the planet.

3. Healthy Energy Boost – Utilizing a sophisticated blend of metabolically active forms of Vitamin B3 (Niacin), ATP, Methyl B-12, Vitamin B6 (P5P), and Vitamin B1, D-Ribose, Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), CoQ10, Benfotiamine, Vitamin D3 to support optimal mitochondrial production of energy.

4. Anti-Oxidants – A cutting-edge mix of anti-oxidants, amino acids, and glycol-biologicals for optimal cellular health and repair, including Vitamin C, Resveratrol, Carnosine, R-Lipoic Acid, Luteolin, Beta Alanine, Taurine, L-Glutamine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate and more.

5. Full-Spectrum of 72 Electrolytes – Besides an optimal balance of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, CBD 5 supplies a complete blend of 72 natural electrolytes from Utah sea salts for balanced cellular health.


What are Hydrozomes?
Hydrozomes are created through a revolutionary new process which embeds true nano-sized supplements within stable micro-clusters of water molecules for rapid and consistent cellular nutrition and cellular hydration. In order for nutrients to have an effect in the body, they have to absorbed and utilized at the cellular level. Most supplements people take contain large macro particles which are slowly broken down over several hours and absorbed in the small intestines. Only a small fraction of the supplements we consume are absorbed and utilized at the cellular level.

Hydrozomes, with a consistent nano-particulated supplement size under 10 nanometers encapsulated within stable micro-clusters of water molecules, allow for rapid absorption in the stomach and have the ability to flow into the cells within minutes. You can feel the difference quickly. The Hydrozome technology takes common macro nutrients and make hundreds of millions of nano particles that are immediately bioavailable within the body. In fact, in 1 table spoon of the Hydrozome concentrated, there are more nano particles that then are cells in your body!

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Testing
Because of the low concentrations of ingredients in the CBD 5 product and the fact that the ingredients are embedded within micro-clusters of water, standard testing will not provide an accurate Certificate of Analysis. Sophisticated testing at facilities specializing in nano particles is necessary.

THC-Free, Clinical Grade CBD at the Heart of CBD 5
We start with organic, non-GMO commercial hemp plants which are run through an optimized CO2 extraction process. Then the oils are run through a solvent-free, cold-dewaxing process which yields a rich 60% CBD oil. Then we take the oil through a fractional distillation process to get to a 99.9% THC free oil, with roughly 80% CBD. This beautiful oil is then sent through the Hydrozome process to embed the CBD within stable micro-clusters of ultra-pure water.

Don’t be fooled by other companies take the low road, using natural or even synthetic CBD isolate powder in their products. CBD 5 is the experts’ choice with a wide-spectrum of CBD and other phyto-cannabinoids intact in the product.

Quality You Can Trust CBD 5
Organic, Non-GMO Hemp – We organic, non-GMO commercial hemp at the core of our products, grown with hand-selected farmers in Europe. The farms and the crops are monitored continually throughout the growing season.
All Natural, Solvent Free Extraction – Processing starts with an optimized SC-CO2 extraction process, followed by a cold-dewaxing technique, and then flows through an advanced fractional distillation process to remove the natural THC, resulting in an ultra-refined CBD oil concentrate.
Accuracy – All batches of production CBD oil are 3rd party tested for cannabinoid content.

The CBD Oil is tested for trace metals, toxins, chemicals before production to ensure highest quality. CBD 5 utilizes cGMP facilities for production, and uses natural preservatives to ensure freshness.

The Hydrozome ingredients combined with several select macro ingredients ensure the highest bioavailability of the nutrients and cellular hydration. You can feel the difference.

Bio-Availability Is Key!
Size Matters – When we eat food, our bodies go through a natural nano-sizing process. We chew the food, dissolve it in the stomach, digest it in the small intestine with enyzmes, and further metabolize it once it has been absorbed. Cells are very selective about the size of particles that are allowed in. The Hydrozome technology breaks down the supplements into a nano-size which can be readily absorbed and utilized by the cells.
Wax in Wax out – Many CBD products are full of wax, with the body’s digestive system unable to break down the wax to liberate all of the active cannabinoids. The ultra-refined, dewaxed oils allow for maximum absorption in the body.

Rapid Absorption
Rather than having to wait for absorption in the small intestine, the key nutrients are absorbed with the water in the stomach, so that people can feel the effect quickly. When you are looking for relief, no one wants to wait hours for the product to take effect.

Consistent Absorption
Many people who take CBD for its various health benefits often have compromised GI tracts, which can limit the bio-availability of the supplements they need. Individuals who suffer from seizures, autism, stress, anxiety, severe pain, lyme disease, cancer, etc. aren’t always able to digest and absorb nutrients efficiently. The Hydrozome technology helps with consistent absorption of nutrients regardless of the GI tract health of individuals.

Standardized Concentrations
Because of the rapid and consistent absorption of nutrients and hydration, it is much easier to gauge how much product to give people for their desired effects. Many times with CBD, the effective amount that people take can vary significantly depending on the quality of product they are consuming as well as their general GI tract health day to day. With a highly bioavailable product, it is much easier to calculate the amount people need for their overall health.